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Mobile Service

Persta Kühme Armtaturen GmbH Leser Hora ARI

Services on site

With our fully equiped mobiles, we provide yearly revisions, overhauls, repairs and maintenance for all common valves. If dirt-strainers, valves, steam traps or regulating stations, all necessary operations can be fulfilled directly at the construction side.

  • Maintenance and repair of valves independently from the manufacturer
  • Inspections with documentation and detailed reports
  • Inspections of safety valves
  • Revision management
  • Emergency service
  • Control of maintenance intervals
  • Startup operations of automated valves with control simulations

Our mobile equipment provides:

  • Fully equipped truck, with milling, grinding and lathing technologies,
    blasting cabin and testing bench etc.
  • Service vehicle with milling, Grinding, lathing and lapping equipment
    with electrical or pneumatic actuators
  • Mobile blasting cabins and blasting equipment
  • Mobile testing bench
  • Welding equipment and controlled and reliable torque wrenches
  • Office containers and material containers
  • Procurement of spare parts and valves and production of spare parts
  • Mobile crane and transportation management